Sewing Class Projects

I am taking a sewing class this summer and one of my assignments was to make two projects of my choice to share with the class through our online discussion board. I decided to make a little girl’s dress and matching headband for a friend’s daughter.  I am so excited about how it turned out!  I was actually able to follow the pattern like I have been learning and the pattern didn’t seem like a foreign language like they have when I have tried to create something in the past.

For the dress, I followed McCalls M6944 pattern and used B.  I bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby.  I love paisley print!



After many hours of sewing, here is the final result!

Make and Share 1 Make and Share 2 Make and Share 3 Make and Share 4 Make and Share 5 Make and Share 6 Make and Share 7 Make and Share 8

The pattern had little bows on the front and the back, but I decided to make little roses out of matching fabric instead because I love them!!

For the headband, I found an online tutorial.   I also made a matching rose for the headband.  I cannot wait for Little Miss A to try on her dress and headband!

M and S 1 M and S 2 M and S 3

I forgot how much fun sewing is especially now that I actually know what I am doing (a little bit!) :)