A Wee Bit About Me

On Facebook, I have noticed a bunch of people doing about me type of posts.  I think it is interesting to find out a little bit more about people through the various bits of information.  It is always fun to find out some quirky and interesting factoids about people, whether we know them well or not very well at all.  I thought I would share a few facts about myself and include some pictures of some of my favorite things.  These are in no particular order (because that is how I roll!).

1. This is my idea of a great love story!

UP Movie

2. I deeply love Craftsman era homes!  The history, the details, the character…I love everything about them!

Craftsman Home

3.  I can laugh about the same thing over and over again.  Even when others don’t think something is funny anymore, I will start thinking about it and laugh all over again.

Laughing4. I have been taking pictures most of my life.  My friends and I used to have fashion shoots with wild and random clothes.  I have boxes and boxes of pictures that I have taken.

Vintage Camera

5. I love sweets of almost any kind, but a blondie with ice cream and maple topping is one of the best, in my opinion.  Yum, yum, yum!


6. I believe that everything that happens is a way for God to unfold His plan for our lives.

God is using present circumstances

7. I love fluffy kitties!

fluffy kitties

8.  I took a personality test and found out that I am an INFP.  It has been the biggest revelation of my life and has helped me to see why I think the way I do!  It has helped me to be okay in my own skin.This is Me

9. I collect old books.  I have some from the late 1800s.  I just love the worn look and imagining all the people who have opened the pages and read the words.Old Books

10. I found this on Pinterest.  It said, “Imagine what life would be like if we could see each others souls instead of what’s on the outside” ♥ Love it


11. I really do have trust issues and I am sure they stem from raisin cookies.  Okay, probably not, but I am learning to deal with these issues piece by piece.

raisin cookies12.  I am extremely clumsy.  I run into things all the time, stub my toes, end up with bruises from who knows what, slip on the ice, trip over nothing, and what not.  It is not pretty!

I'm not clumsy13.  Art is my new therapy and has changed my outlook on life in so many ways.  earth laughs

14. I met my husband, Ryan, when we were 10 years old.  Hard to believe that we have known each other for 23 years!


15. My son, Luke, has lived in 8 different apartments/houses in his 11 years of life.  We never had any intentions of moving that many times, but life happens!


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