There and Back Again

Remember how a little over a year ago, we were moving into a house in Moorhead, MN?  Remember how I said that I was not going to pack up and move again for a very long time?  Well, I guess a very long time in my vocabulary is 1 year because we are on the move again.

This time, it is a very Hobbit like move.  There and Back Again!  We lived in Minot, then moved to Moorhead, and now, we are heading back to Minot.  Why you may ask would we want to return to the “Magic City” when we just moved away?

Well, over the course of the past year, we have done a great deal of soul searching.  In this contemplation, we realized many things.  One of them being, we miss our family and friends.  We both grew up with family close by, grandparents attending school programs, and all the stuff that comes along with having family close.  We also missed our friends from church, school, and other community functions.  We all love the smaller community feel of Minot and the feeling of home when we would be back to visit.  Never in a million years did I think I would have missed Minot, but I really have and we are excited to return “home”.


We feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to reconnect with people in Fargo and are very thankful for our time there.   We grew a great deal, were able to relax and recoup from our very stressful past 3 years, and in general, were able to enjoy each other’s company with little obligation.  I finished my bachelor’s degree on campus at NDSU and dabbled in some art therapy.  All things that would not have been if we hadn’t made a move to the Fargo-Moorhead area.

But, now we pack up, sell yet another house, and buy another still.  But this time, I am trying to enjoy the journey of it all.  Because in the journey of it, I have learned so much.



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