Spring Fever

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have spring fever.  I am looking forward to hearing the birds chirping in the early morning hours, the green grass, tulips in bloom, and a nice spring rain shower to wash away the dirt left from the winter melt.  Since today is officially the first day of spring, what better day to do a little spring inspiration post!

1. I love this idea from Offbeat Home & Life!  What a great way to recycle!

no-drip-watering-0710122. I really would like to try my hand at an herb garden this year.  This one from Homestead Lifestyle is great!

herb garden3. I have been eying a rustic indoor terrarium like this one at TJ Maxx.  This makes me tempted to head over there!

Spring In The Dining Room -TITLE PAGE-stonegableblog.comHappy First Day of Spring!

It Really Was Awesome!

We went to The Lego Movie last night and it was great!  I am not generally a movie lover so for me to say that a movie was great, it is a big deal.  Since Luke is the ultimate in Lego collectors, he has been itching to see it.  I was hesitant thinking that it might be sort of cheesy.  And it totally was in a totally awesome way.

There was a good mix of humor to keep kids and adults entertained.  It had a really good storyline.  It kept me (the ADD type) watching.  It was a feel good movie for the whole family.

Lego Movie

If you have been thinking about taking the kids or grandkids to a cute, cheesy, feel good family show, check it out!  You won’t be disappointed.  It is not going to be an Oscar winning film no doubt, but it sure was fun!

Joy Jars

JoyIt is a practice to find the joy in each and every day.  In the mundane of life, we tend to forget that there really is joy in each day even in the midst of hardship.

For this reason, we decided to keep Joy Jars for 2014.  January was our practice run.  The goal was to write something everyday that brought us joy…a kind thing we did for someone, something that we were thankful for, a Bible verse or other saying that resonated with us that day.  I say it was a practice run because I think more often than not, we all forgot.  But, at the end of the month, we had many joys in our jars to share with each other.

jarsOn the first of every month, we plan to empty our jar and read our Joys.  Then I am going to write them down on a notebook paper to keep track of each month and will start with an empty jar again.

Here is a sampling of our January Joys:

  • I was nice to the new kid at school
  • Spending time building with my dad
  • The hot tub on a cold winter night
  • A quiet weekend at home
  • Quote: Be who you are not who the world wants you to be.
  • Isaiah 26:3-4; You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in you.  Trust the Lord forever, for the Lord God is the everlasting rock.
  • Warm, bright sun on a cold winter dayjoy


Elf on the Shelf — Day 19

Elf Day 19You may be wondering what happened to days 15-18.  I got a little busy (with the end of the semester) and didn’t have time for any pictures, but Mr. Elf spent some time stuck in a candy jar, hanging from the Advent calendar, and a few other places that right now have slipped my mind.

Mr. Elf is back and not really enjoying life much today.  The Lego guys thought we had an intruder and tied him up with some dental floss.  It took quite a few Lego men to get Mr. Elf all tied up!  Good thing he is still smiling!!

Elf on the Shelf — Day 8

Elf Day 8I got myself down from that silly tree and packed Luke an extra special lunch for school today.  Sliced mushrooms, ketchup, enchilada sauce, and sweetened condensed milk.  Plus a candy cane treat!  Who wouldn’t love a tasty lunch like this?

Elf on the Shelf — Day 7

Hanging from the top of the Christmas tree is where you will find me today!  It was not an easy task getting up here and I am not quite sure how I will find my way down.  If you hear me yelling for help, you know why!!