Summer of Fun!

This summer has flown by and the blog has been neglected because of it.  I can’t really say that I feel super bad about this fact because we have done a lot of fun stuff.  No complaints in the fun department that is for sure!

I still have not shown a complete 2012 Summer Bucket List and have not been updating what we have done…so this might prove to be a very long post!

**The items in bold and aqua are items we have accomplished to date!!

  1. Build Sand Castles
  2. Go Camping
  3. Go to Medora
  4. Go Fishing
  5. Read 20 Books
  6. Make Own Pizza Night
  7. Go to Museum
  8. Go to a Yard Sale (or many!)
  9. Work on Fort
  10. Help Grandpa Neal Make Chili
  11. Have a Friend Over
  12. Go on a Hike
  13. Have Water Gun Fight
  14. Look at the Stars
  15. Build Stuff with Legos
  16. Eat at Spicy Pie
  17. Go Bowling
  18. Paint Rocks
  19. Have a Friend Over
  20. Learn about Birds
  21. Go Golfing
  22. Go to Minneapolis
  23. Eat Corn on the Cob
  24. Make Yoda Soda
  25. Watch Fireworks Show
  26. Go to Ruso Ranch
  27. Finish Vacation Station
  28. Go Horseback Riding
  29. Make Root Beer Floats
  30. Go to LegoLand
  31. Go to Library
  32. Go to Mall of America
  33. Go to G&G’s House
  34. Go to Zoo
  35. Lemonade Stand
  36. Play with Sidewalk Chalk
  37. Set up Tent in Yard
  38. Picnic in Park
  39. Go to the Fair
  40. Have Sleepover
  41. Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  42. Have a Water Balloon Fight
  43. Makes Smores
  44. Have a Friend Over
  45. Have a Bonfire
  46. Go to Movies
  47. Go to Lake
  48. Read Books
  49. Go Swimming
  50. Have Friend Over

Check out a few pics of our summer fun so far!

As you can tell, it has been a great summer!  We will be making a trip to Medora soon to see the sights and take in the musical, which should be fun!  More pics and bucket list accomplishments to come!!

1 Down 49 To Go!

Luke and I created our buckets and our list today for the 2012 Bucket List Challenge!  It was loads of fun coming up with 50 things that we wanted to do this summer and to write them on our little Popsicle sticks.  We decided that a trip to the dollar store was in order to get the supplies for our bucket list.  What we found were 2 little metal buckets and colorful sticks.  On each stick we wrote on thing we wanted to do and placed them all (50 of them!) into one bucket.  I them made a couple of signs for the buckets…one says to do and one says done.  This will be our way of keeping track of our accomplishments and adventures.

On top of it, we were able to mark one item off our list (or rather move one stick over to the DONE bucket).  Luke decided a trip to Spicy Pie was in order for the first day of summer vacation.  It just so happened that a trip there was on the bucket list by Luke’s request.  That leaves 49 more things to do this summer vacation!

Summer Bucket List Challenge

Today is Luke’s last day of 4th grade and I cannot believe how fast the year flew by!  As I was looking at a friend’s Facebook page the other day, I saw a link to the 2012 Summer Bucket List Challenge and thought it might be a fun and interesting way to keep track of the stuff we do this summer and to complete some goals.  Tomorrow Luke and I are going to make our list and then it will be time to start the challenge.

The fun thing is that these items are not big things, but enjoyable summer fun!  It can be anything from having a picnic to going on vacation or eating an ice cream cone to planting a tree.  I will post a list of what we are planning after we making it tomorrow, but feel free to join in on the fun!!  I think it will be a great way to keep track of all the excitement that the summer has to offer!

The Happy Family Movement—Summer Bucket List